D I X I E  D I S T L E R

Michael Joncas

"And He will raise you up on eagle's wings, 

Bear you on the breath of dawn, 

Make you to shine like the sun, 

And hold you in the palm of His Hand.” 

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The First Christian

His father, Jonas, raises him to be a good shepherd in the hills of Bethlehem.

His mother, Miriam, protects him from sinister forces.

His mentor, Saul, develops Tabor's skills with first century weaponry.

His companion, Storm, watches over and guides him.

His brother, Koda, encourages him to follow the laws set down by the Pharisees.

His daughter, Evia, loves him.

His wife, Ruth, empowers him.

His chief priest, Caiaphas, uses him.

His governor, Pontius Pilate, destroys him.

His childhood friend, Jesus of Nazareth, saves him.